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Teaching Team

Why I practice Baptiste Yoga

In yoga there is the concept of Sthira Sukha, which is the balance of strength, stability, and steadiness with softness, gentleness, and relaxation.  Baptiste Power Yoga offers me that personal challenge of working to my edge, while also learning when to integrate care and ease. Walking that balance has been a journey for me in my adult life, and this practice offers me a daily opportunity to consciously play with both. I love the challenge and am always eager to learn new asanas. Additionally, this studio makes me a better person. It is beyond a space where I practice. It is my community where people are committed to each others’ personal betterment. 

Why I teach Baptiste Yoga

I teach because I want to share the experience of empowerment I have had on my mat. I want to support other yogis accomplish feats they never expected of themselves whether that means a new asana, the ability to listen to their body, or mindfully noticing how their practice is a metaphor for their life. When I practiced years ago, I used to always compare and compete with yogis around me. Now it’s me with me, focused on my own journey. I want yogis to discover their own self awareness, and use it as a tool to create self care and self love.

My promise to you

I promise you will have an opportunity to check your daily stresses at the studio door and have an hour that keeps you present. I promise to share my own experiences to expand your own. I promise to share tools of breath (ujjayi), gaze (drishti), and vinyasa to keep you in a flow to carry into the rest of your day. And I promise I’ll try to make you laugh along the way.

Training: Expand Your Power 200-hour Teacher Training, Unstoppable for Youth Training, Art of Assisting, Baptiste Power Yoga Teacher Course

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