Teaching Team

Why I practice Baptiste Yoga

I practice because each time I step onto my mat, it reminds me to get present and to step into my physical body and not operate from my head. And I practice because I love it. For me, the practice is empowering and has supported me in creating the life that I want. Through the practice of Baptiste Yoga and the Baptiste Methodology, I have learned to trust myself and the fact that it’s ok to fall and get back up again.  Each time I step onto my mat I consider, what’s possible today?

Why I teach Baptiste Yoga

I want to share and help create change and new possibilities for my students, just like my practice did for me.  

My promise to you 

My promise is to show up 100% for you in each class. I promise to be responsible for both the energy I bring and create. I promise to lead you into the  possibilities that you can create from your practice.

Training: BYSF’s 200-hour EYP Teacher Training; Level 1 with the Baptiste Institute; Art of Assisting; Unstoppable Training; 40 Days to Personal Revolution x2

Do what you love and f*** the rest. - “Little Miss Sunshine”