Teaching Team

Why I practice Baptiste Yoga

I  practice Baptiste Yoga because it pushes me to my growing edge. When I first started practicing Baptiste Yoga, I went to yoga as a method to escape my life off the mat, but as I began to practice more and more, I discovered that the mat and my life off the mat was just a mirror. I began to use the transformational tools I got from the practice and pushed myself to cut the bs, become a fire starter, and live a more fulfilled, equanimous life, even when it seemed like everything was ‘falling apart’. The practice sparked something in me nothing else has and helped me get really specific on my default ways of being and gave me tools to shift it.

Why I teach Baptiste Yoga

I teach Baptiste Yoga because it works for everyone willing to do the work of the practice. Each day I come into teach, I see students of all types; different mindsets, body types, outlooks on life, points of resistance, etc. Baptiste Yoga is not for a ‘typical kind of person/yogi’. It is accessible for anyone young or old, fit or not fit, happy or sad, every human. I want be a catalyst for making the shift of a human doing yoga to a human being yoga.

My promise to you

I promise to be a catalyst for your physical and mental transformation as a student of yoga and of life. I promise to be a stand for you and your growth on a daily basis and to live life fully every single day!

Trainings: Tier One Certified Baptiste Teacher, 200 Hour EYP, Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, AOA, AAOA

"You are not here, on this planet, in this lifetime, to tread lightly. You're here to rock boats, to shatter paradigms that paralyze. You are here to be seen, heard, loved and praised. And if you don't let yourself be seen, then please, tell me, who else will see you?

The world needs you as you are. The world needs your expression. The world needs your anger. When you shift, we all shift. Your rebellion, is ours."

- Mark Groves