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Being of Power

October 4th-13th, 2021 


Baron Baptiste’s 9 Practices to Lead an Empowered life.


Join Blair Milam and Brittany Lamb for a 10 day life-changing program that will leave you woke and empowered to show up fully in your life!


This program will teach you tools and techniques that you can implement RIGHT NOW to show up powerfully on your yoga mat and in your life’s relationships, work, and community. The program’s promise is to unearth what is possible when you embody Baron’s 9 Practices to Lead an Empowered Life. Do you want to experience freedom, power, and vitality? Access a shift in your life by getting crystal clear with these practices and landing them in your daily intentions and actions; come from you are ready now!

Participant Commitments:


Read Baron Baptiste’s book Being of Power

(approx 15-20 pages per day)

*participants may choose to either a) read the whole book in advance, then “review” each chapter aligned with the daily program, or b) read one chapter per day aligned with the daily program.


Practice Yoga Each Day (recommended 60 min)

*participants may choose to either a) practice in-studio at BPYSF or b) practice at home via BPYSF ZOOM class.


Meditate Each Day (recommended 5 min)

*participants may choose to either a) use pre-recorded BPYSF meditations sent daily or b) use a meditation app/group.


Complete Daily Inquiry Work (recommended 30 min)

*participants complete daily inquiry exercises in Being Of Power program workbook provided by BPYSF.


Dates: Mon. Oct. 4th - Wed. Oct 13



Monday 10/4; 7:30-8:00pm (BPYSF Studio or ZOOM)

Wednesday 10/13; 7:30-8:30pm (BPYSF Studio or ZOOM)


Price: $49

*Price includes dedicated support and coaching from Blair and Brittany on daily inquiry work, pre-recorded daily 5 min meditations, 2 program group meetings and unlimited yoga at BPYSF for 10 days.