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Workshops are a great opportunity to deepen your physical yoga practice and your knowledge and understanding of the history of yoga, the principles, asanas, and more. We're constantly adding new workshops and events so stay tuned here! Let us know if you have any special requests.

Valentine's Day Partner Class

Friday, February 10th

CONNECTION: "The energy that is created between two people when they feel, seen, heard and valued.  When they can give and receive without judgement." - BB


Bring a partner and your mat and join us for an opportunity to use your yoga practice to create connection with someone special.  Led by Jen & Sean Silvera.



Saturday, February 11th

This Primordial Breathwork™ workshop is inspired by ancestral Amazonian and Tibetan lineages. This circle will have a maximum of 28 participants.

This multidimensional practice rekindles your original connection with the essence of vitality by awakening inherently natural, higher vibrational frequencies of your organism. The practice can also aid in the intuitive location and elimination of psychosomatic sources of disease, tensions, inhibitions and repressed emotions. Ancient, cathartic and healing breath patterns are applied throughout the ceremony, activating and purifying your embodied memory at the cellular level.

Though this practice is somewhat similar to more recently developed methods, (including the Rebirthing Breathwork, by Leonard Ore, and Holotropic Breathwork, by Stanislav Grof.) Primordial Breathwork™ is rooted in living inter-generational wisdom, reflected in both Tibetan and Amazonian cultures.  These lineages serve as a conduit of experiential insight into the nature of existence. A unique and distinct aspect of this practice is group synchronization of the breath via: Awareness, Sound, Drumbeat and Rhythm, which with cumulative practice reveals the pulse of life force in nature to be an infinitely diverse and unified consciousness.

The cosmology and the theoretical background of this practice relates to the hero’s conscious journey home towards the original “primordial” state of unconditional presence. In Tibetan and Amazonian cultures, this primordial state is a most vital evolutionary portal to an infinite source of creative life force. This experiential practice cultivates a deeply restful state, allowing life force to flow and be expressed more freely.

An optional and complementary ceremonial cacao drink is offered at the event. Cacao is an ancient Amazonian plant spirit invoked to awaken one’s total being (gut, heart, head, higher, entire) that opens the possibility of personal transformation, and living in ever expansive heart-centered awareness.

Pre-registration is required, as space is limited.

IMPORTANT Preparation Information:

  • Do NOT eat 1 hour before this practice 🕊️🤍

  • If you’re taking any pharmaceutical medications or have a history of mental illness, a heart condition, or are pregnant, you must inform us prior to the session. The practice can be tailored to meet your unique circumstances.🕊️🤍


$25 (or $40 and bring a friend!)

No one will be excluded due to lack of funds. Please email us if you would like to attend and do not have the means to contribute.


We will begin at 12pm and conclude at:near 4pm. Please plan to arrive 15 minutes early to complete registration and so we can start on time.


Please bring a yoga mat and water. You may also wish to have a blanket, a small pillow and something to cover your eyes. *BPYSF will have a few mats and blocks available.


Joshua Lundell is a Tier 3 Certified Baptiste Influencer, ERYT-500 / YACEP certified instructor through Yoga Alliance, and a Paititi Institute certified facilitator of Primordial Breathwork™. Joshua is also a Reiki practitioner, executive coach, author and artist.  He has practiced across domains of embodied cognition and healing modalities over the last 25 years, with varying degrees of depth and focus.  As a breathwork practitioner for over 15 years, Joshua’s direct experiences of the potency of these practices underscore their complement and contrast to yoga pranayama practices of students at any level.  Joshua knows Primordial Breathwork™ holds the promise and possibility of each practitioner’s ability to awaken and deepen connection to their inner healer, and holds a space & intention where all who are curious and called can engage in a way that’s aligned for them individually, while supported by a co-creative group environment. Joshua is in the work with you, fully. 🕊️🤍

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