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Teaching Team

Why I practice Baptiste Yoga

Baptiste yoga found its way into my life 13 years ago and I haven’t been able to let go since. The physical practice changed my body from the first class- I found freedom in connecting my movement and breath, and a release from the strength and sweat. I continued practicing because each time I am on the mat I have a new experience- of challenge, of awakening, and release. Lately I keep practicing because of the incredible community I have found. No matter where I go I continue to search for Baptiste studios, and here in SF I have finally been able find home. This studio and this community feels like family, and I am so proud to be a part of it!

Why I teach Baptiste Yoga

To share- Baptiste has been such a big part of my life but for many years I never got a chance to share that with others. A few years ago I took a leap and committed to action in becoming a teacher, to being up to something bigger than myself. I wanted to be able to share how this practice can empower and transform, as it did in my life.”

My promise to you

I promise to offer an invitation to take the time on your mat for yourself, to empower you to find your fullest expression in each pose, to create a safe space to go inward, to find freedom in mind body and spirit, and to connect to something bigger than yourself.

Trainings: 200 Hour EYP teacher training, Baptiste Assisting Course

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