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L A U R E N   K O T I N

Teaching Team

Why I practice Baptiste Yoga

A friend told me about BPYSF, and at the time, I was relatively new to the Bay Area, and unconsciously looking for a community. I was not expecting to get it from going to a yoga class; however, after my first class at BPYSF, I knew I needed to be involved. The BPYSF community, the energy created and fostered in the studio, is rare and such a powerful benefit to my life on and off the mat. I am stronger in my body and in my mind when I come to BPYSF, and I love that I get to share that with others :) 


Why I teach Baptiste yoga
I teach Baptiste yoga because I truly believe it provides an unlock in our lives. Baptiste Yoga is so much more than a yoga practice -- it is a way to learn how to show up fully in our lives, even when there are rocks in the way (or we think there are). My dream as a teacher is to share that with my students, and be an avid supporter for anything you want to change, in and out of the studio. 


My promise to you
I promise to bring my authentic self to class. I invite my students to play with strength and ease and to go to new places they didn't think possible -- all while honoring their bodies in each moment. 


Art of Assisting, 200 HR YTT 

You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems. -- James Clear

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