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Join us for one (or more) of the many exciting programs BPYSF is offering this year! Read on to learn more about things like our 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training, 40 Days to Personal Revolution, Art of Assisting, and fun monthly workshops.

Workshops are a great opportunity to deepen your physical yoga practice and your knowledge and understanding of the history of yoga, the principles, asanas, and more. We're constantly adding new workshops and events so stay tuned here! Let us know if you have any special requests.



March 19, 2024: Spring Equinox - Meditation and Journaling Workshop 

  • The Spring Equinox is a celebration of awakening, and rebirth. The dark months are now over & we're moving into the warmth of the light. Join us for a meditation and journaling workshop to explore, release and burst forward into a new season. Together we’ll embrace the natural cyclicality of life. Alongside the flowers that are beginning to bud, our own dreams, visions, and creativity are prepared to emerge into the light. Bring your journal and an open heart.

  • Facilitated by Kyla Harrington

April 14th: Alignment Workshop

  • In this two hour workshop we will focus on the physical cues of Baptiste's "True North Alignment".  This alignment is designed to support you in creating an asana practice that allows for access to power, vitality and freedom. During our time together we will break down poses and build them up.  Come prepared to sweat, have fun and discover something new about your practice!

  • Facilitated by Jen Silvera

June 22 & 23: Art of Assisting

  • Art of Assisting is a hands-on Training Program that will transform your practice, your assisting and your teaching. In this weekend-long training, your days will be balanced between practicing yoga, learning alignment principles and assisting techniques, and giving and receiving assists.

  • Facilitated by Annie Morrison and Sam Kozin

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