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Teaching Team

Why I practice Baptiste Yoga

I practice simply because it makes me feel alive and free. The heat is cleansing, the vinyasa strengthens and opens, and the methodology offers me tools to live an empowered life in and outside the studio.

Why I teach Baptiste Yoga

I teach because I am called to. Baptiste Yoga has fundamentally changed the way I approach life and I feel it is my duty to share this practice through my unique experience.

My promise to you

My promise to you is that I will embody the Baptiste methodology and remain in inquiry about how it affects my life so that, rather than simply recite words and phrases, I may share with you the lessons I have learned on and off my mat.

Training: BYSF’s EYP 200-hour Teacher Training 2018, Art of Assisting, Level 1 with the Baptiste Institute, 40 Days to Personal Revolution x3 

"It is only through challenge which we build the strength to achieve our true potential" -Unknown

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